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Hey if you've added me on dreamwidth and I haven't added you back, can you please drop me a comment on this post to let me know what your LJ name is (or however I know you).

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Amazon Rank

Amazon needs to learn how much discrimination hurts.
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My mother is driving me crazy. I have a job interview tomorrow and my mother is harassing me about pantyhose.

Last time I went to an interview she complained that I wore black tights with my smart black suit (and bright red shirt!) because it made everything too dark. Which, alright, whatever. Maybe it did, but I don't see why she's insisting that I get up right now and go out in this miserable weather just to buy new stockings. I have perfectly serviceable pairs in a whole host of colours. Do they really have to be nude? I mean, I have no intention of sitting an interview wearing electric blue tights but if my pantyhose are a sheer coal or dark gray, I really don't see the problem with that.

I mean, I get that first impressions are important but I'm going for a job in the finance department of the government of Canada, not a fashion editor at Elle fucking magazine.
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I am ridiculous.

Who spends over eight hours watching an entire season of a TV show when they have a hundred and four essays due? And then proceeds to read hundreds of thousands of words of (really awesome) fanfiction for this TV show instead of preparing for the really important interview she has coming up this week?

Yes. The answer is obviously me. /o\

Let me summarize this briefly: Shiny new Merlin fandom is shiny but Bandom still has my heart. Angst. I wax not-so-poetically about how I know myself well enough to know when I'm starting to look for greener pastures. Angsty angst. I ramble a bunch about the nature of my fannishness and how much I would miss you guys if I were to ever go. Angsty angst angst. )
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Productivity today? Zero.

Okay, technically I went to work and made a full day's wages so I suppose that's not exactly doing nothing, but measured on a scale one to what I actually need to get done today? Yup. Nada.

I have one essay, two assignments and a Big Bang fic to work on. Three of these four have to be done by next week and we are way behind on the other. And apparently I'm going clubbing Saturday night? I fail so hard, you guys. I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish this. /o\

What I've done instead? Glut myself on news.

In which Amanda reveals just how much of a info-slut she truly is and blathers on most annoyingly about defending internet piracy and an American in Ottawa )

And I'm sick of talking about a certain blond so this is honestly the last thing I'm saying on the subject (at least for now). The last dregs of my respect for her has officially evaporated. Does she really think she's got a shot at trying to sell a book about her experiences as some D-list rockstar's girlfriend? At least Pamela Des Barres slept with real rock legends.

(Since when is sleeping with famous people a bankable skill anyhow? This is everything that is wrong with the world. *facepalm*)
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I'd be the first to admit I'm pretty terrible with blogging. There are plenty of interesting thoughts that run through my head in the course of a day but rarely to I feel the need to indiscriminately share them with the entirety of the internet. Heck, I'm not even a fan of private journaling. I've always been one to prefer dialogues to monologues. But I'm going to try to be a little bit better about it because I really do like you guys, but just know that this is never really something that's come naturally to me.

Okay, so what have I been doing with my time since the last time I posted here? Well...

School: it sucks. )

Fic of the Big Bang variety! )

Concerts! Meeting up with Lj-ers is fun ^_^ )

Oh, and I'm betting everyone's heard of the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama by now? Hot damn :S
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posted by [personal profile] mandy_croyance at 01:57am on 22/01/2009
(1:51:15 AM) Mandy_croyance: speaking of soul, did you see Ryan's latest blog
(1:51:22 AM) Mandy_croyance: maybe Otis Redding wasn't an anomaly
(1:51:29 AM) Pluginxbaby: don't think so...
(1:51:40 AM) Mandy_croyance: maybe his next trend is going to be soul/funk
(1:51:51 AM) Mandy_croyance: Black President and all, you know :P
(1:51:51 AM) Pluginxbaby: lol little richard?
(1:52:02 AM) Mandy_croyance: gay soul and funk
(1:52:02 AM) Pluginxbaby: i have to believe that brendon had a little influence there
(1:52:08 AM) Mandy_croyance: really, really gay
(1:52:28 AM) Mandy_croyance: still it would be hilarious
(1:52:35 AM) Mandy_croyance: they covered Shout on their latest tour
(1:52:41 AM) Pluginxbaby: yeah
(1:52:48 AM) Mandy_croyance: NRWC they covered The Beatles
(1:53:09 AM) Mandy_croyance: and Ryan Ross is due
(1:53:17 AM) Pluginxbaby: haha true
(1:53:31 AM) Pluginxbaby: this next album could turn out veeeery interesting
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  • 19:31 Why so fucking lame, Canada? Whatever your opinion of the conflict, human rights violations are never justifiable. #

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Happy New Year, all! I imagine most of you are probably rather drunk (or hung over!) at the moment so I'll try to keep this short and sweet!

I had a relatively chill New Year's Eve celebration. Just mom and me at home on the couch with Kathy Griffin and the Silver Fox (i.e. Anderson Cooper). I have to say I adore them. The constant bickering was too cute for words. Anderson gets so adorably ruffled by Kathy's brassy ways. :D

In other news, congratulations to Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel on their recent engagement. I didn't even know they were dating but I can't think of a more adorable couple.

Oh and I was reading through my music blogs the other day when I noticed this on one of Pretty Much Amazing's year end best-of lists:

7. Pretty. Odd., Panic at the Disco - Maybe its not the best idea to place a Panic at the Disco album so high on a year-end list. But Pretty. Odd. is just fun. Every track is pitch-perfect, old-school pop-rock. Urie’s melodic whine somehow finds a way not to annoy me, but to please me. Try not bobbing your head or singing along with him on “She’s A Handsome Woman.” Brandon Ross’ vocal contributions don’t hurt either, notably on “Behind the Sea.” And even the slower songs can hold your attention and make you feel more emotion than your typical top-40 band can. Just listen to “Northern Downpour” or “She Held the World.” Corny as they are, these songs do make you feel something. And they only make up a small portion of the album - they’re nothing compared to bouncy tracks like “Pas De Cheval” and “That Green Gentleman.” So while Panic may not have the same indie-rock sensibility that, say, Deerhunter has, they sure are more fun. I dare you to listen to “When the Day Met the Night” and not smile.

Brandon Ross? Are they serious? Way to fail rather epically, PMA. *headdesks forever*

Anyhow, I hope you all had a fabulous New Years and wish you a wonderful 2009. Let's hope it's better than 2008. :



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