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Two sides of the same coin

I am ridiculous.

Who spends over eight hours watching an entire season of a TV show when they have a hundred and four essays due? And then proceeds to read hundreds of thousands of words of (really awesome) fanfiction for this TV show instead of preparing for the really important interview she has coming up this week?

Yes. The answer is obviously me. /o\

But guys, Merlin. I'm sorry, why has no one told me about it's awesomeness before? Okay, to be fair I'm pretty sure I've seen at least a few of you mention in it passing but still. Someone should've pinned me down and insisted I watch at least the pilot under pain of death.

I don't know if there is a canon anywhere around that so obviously panders to the slashers. Attractive heroes. A love/hate relationship. A castle. Sword-fighting. Secrets. Magic.

Basically someone picked up the Harry Potter fandom, shoved it into a suit of medieval chain mail and handed it a pretty kick ass sword.

Or something.

For those of you who haven't guessed, the show is loosely - and I do mean loosely - based around Arthurian legend. Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther Pendragon, is the crown prince of Camelot. Merlin is a sorcerer. And that's about where the similarities end, lol.

As with most depictions of the Arthurian legend, the story occurs in a medieval-type setting (the actual legend was set in the dark ages). Merlin, however, is portrayed as a bumbling young man instead of the wise old wizard who helped to engineer the birth of Arthur himself. In this Merlin ends up as Prince Arthur's manservent instead and the two forge a strong bond over constant scraps with deranged magical beasts, repelling malevolent witches, and constantly saving each other from general near-certain doom.

And despite the utterly predictable plot devices, god-awful CGI, and woeful lack of progression in the overall plot arc, it's still one of the most enjoyable series currently on TV.

But my whole-hearted embrace of the fandom has me a little worried. Am I finally starting to move away from bandom? I was talking to [ profile] itsallhushhush about this the other day. I'm virtually mono-fannish. I can really only managed to engage myself completely in one fandom at a type. I may dabble in others, but certainly not write fic or start obsessing over the canon. And I tend to have a pretty definite cycle as well:

1) I start off in a new fandom, devouring as much as I can
2) I develop an OTP and voraciously read/write only that
3) I start expanding my purview as I start of tire of the fandom, reading increasingly random things
4) I finally move on to something else.

This process generally takes about two or three years.

You see, I started become involved in bandom in my first year of university around the age of 18 which makes it about two and a half years that I've been here so far. And I love it. I love this fandom so much it hurts. I don't want to abandon it yet and I don't quite think I'm ready either. I haven't actually reached stage three. I'm still very much only interested in reading Ryan/Brendon. But then I think, perhaps there isn't always going to be a stage three? I mean, this is only my third fandom and that's not a terrible large data set from which to derive a pattern or model, you know? And maybe I be poly-fannish? I haven't put serious effort into it before. Maybe it's not as hard as I make it seem.

But still, the truth is I can sense myself reaching out for some new thing to grab on to. Like I'm sampling all sorts of fare, waiting for something to grab me by the gut and refuse to let go. Merlin might be that thing. Or maybe it will be Kings. Or perhaps Adam Lambert will railroad me into the American Idol fandom. I'm not sure.

What I do know is that even if I do end up moving away from bandom, I certainly don't want to lose the friends I've made here. I love you guys more than anything else. Don't ever stop being so fucking awesome <3

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Yay, you like it! *does flip-flops of joy*

I, too, have been voraciously devouring really awesome fic, so we should like... trade recs and flail at one another.

PS. Happy belated birthday. I'm sorry I've been such a faily friend lately. I've been spending most of my days doped up on nyquil. But I love you, and I hope things are going well. <333

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I'm totally down with trading recs. I would really like that. :D

I love you too, bb. And I really hope you feel better and get back to being your lovely self soon.

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Merlin! Doesn't Anthony Stewart Head act in it? Giles from Buffy! Nostalgia! See, that in no way makes you a loser - I might've recently downloaded a few seasons' worth of Buffy and have been watching, er... three/four episodes per day? But I'm reconnecting with my youth. I suppose Buffy was my second fandom. Sort of. (I even remember reading hot Buffy/Faith lesbian fun times! Back when I was... uh... too young.)

ANYWAY! I've not watched Merlin, though I do know the show. And now I'm worried to because I'm afraid I'll get addicted... What's my point? Yes! That people change. I mean, I don't want to be writing PATD slash five years from now. We all grow up, change, move onto new things. It's to be expected, and it's good that your brain is looking out for new, intriguing things! Then there's the whole factor of you possibly going away, figuratively speaking, and I'm going to sound lame, but back when I was a baby in this fandom, and you start recognising people, big players some might say, and you slowly figure out who is who, I remember you so clearly from over two years ago when I was still lurking, and then, yes, I would be sad should you not be around anymore because it's this structure of people in my head, okay? (Run on sentence.) But I think that would still be okay, apart from the wistful sighing thing, because like you said you wouldn't be forgetting about the crazy PATD fangirls either! I, for one, am still much too fascinated by Jon Walker's neck to be going anywhere. And I suppose you could still acknowledge the ravishing hotness of our boys even if you were a Merlinster (is a word), so there would still be that link between you and the rest of us. Though we'd miss you. I'd miss you saying really smart stuff and being insightful about all things related to the fandom, but I won't be whiny! Because people change. And change is good! And, well, you might find out you're poly-fandom too! It's all about self-discovery. Yup. Fan fic is all about really deep stuff. And not just... getting kicks out off certain pairings. Ahem.

Uh. I didn't mean to write an essay either.

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I'm basically out of bandom. I don't want to be in any sort of 'dom' anymore. Too time consuming. I can't multitask well! I WANT TO LIVE!

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I totally get what you mean. If I was saner, I might try to do the same but I love fandom too much to be rid of it completely. I'm an addict and I need my fix /o\

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First and foremost, you are not sanctioned to leave bandom so stop even threatening to do so. >:(

I'm mono-fandom too. I enjoy a couple of shows out there a whole lot and got to TWoP to talk about them but bandom is the only fandom in which I'm actually a full participant. I might dig up on Merlin myself though, everyone seems to like it so much and there's a black chick in it right?

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Haha. I'm not trying to flounce here or anything. I was more or less just overthinking my participation in fandom and lamenting the fact that I seem to be incapable of straddling two fandoms at a time. I plan to stick around in bandom as long as TPTB will let me :D

And yes, you should check out Merlin. It's shiny and awesome and anachronistically multi-ethnic. :P