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Love me dead

I'd be the first to admit I'm pretty terrible with blogging. There are plenty of interesting thoughts that run through my head in the course of a day but rarely to I feel the need to indiscriminately share them with the entirety of the internet. Heck, I'm not even a fan of private journaling. I've always been one to prefer dialogues to monologues. But I'm going to try to be a little bit better about it because I really do like you guys, but just know that this is never really something that's come naturally to me.

Okay, so what have I been doing with my time since the last time I posted here? Well...

I'm finally managing to recover from the cold from HELL. No seriously, what cold comes with nausea and vomiting? Anyhow, now I have two weeks worth of school work to catch up on now and I'm dreading every moment of it. Luckily for me, next week is reading week. /o\

I spent four hours in the library yesterday and another 5 today at work (slow day) finishing up some godforsaken assignment for my Middle Eastern history class. This does not include all of the hours of preliminary research I did over the weekend. By my tutorial today where we handed it in, I basically wanted to cry.

You see, my prof decided to make our very first assignment in an introductory course an essay in which we are supposed to identify the three most important events in the past three hundred years and link them together. So basically our assignment is to a) learn the past 300 years of Middle Eastern History, b) distill which events we believe to be "important" by whatever mechanisms we can devise, and c) figure out some sort of common thread that ties at least 3 of these events together, and then and only then can we d) start doing the necessary research on them to actually write a goddamn paper.

Oh, and he only gave us ONE WEEK to write the outlines and annotated bibliographies that we will be expected to stick to or loose marks.

Fuck you too, Mr. I-expect-you-to-teach-yourself-this-entire-course-in-one-week. Fuck you with a wooden spoon.

In slightly less annoying news, Jen ([ profile] pluginxbaby) and I are working on our big bang co-write. We are currently sitting at a piddly 1700 words. Obviously we have a long way to go but I'm still kind of excited! We've been talking about doing a co-write together for ages but a good idea had never really materialized until recently and BB is just what we needed to kick our faily asses into gear. I'm really hoping we finish this one because I really kind of love it. :D

For those of you who've never heard of them, I totally recommend checking out Ludo. I saw them last night with [ profile] idle_graffito at the Drake Hotel and they were pretty awesome. The lead singer's on-stage antics and vocal acrobatics are positively hilarious live and their new album is pretty good. Hopefully she'll post some pictures soon. :)

We also went to this odd vegan restaurant. I can't say I'm a huge fan of vegan cuisine. I love me some vegetables, don't get me wrong. I suppose, though, that with all of the restrictions strict veganism imposes it can be really hard to come up with interesting dishes. It's all the same soups, salads, curries and tomato-sauce-based pastas. I'd love to see some more variation on these menus; I'm sure it's not impossible.

Oh, and I'm betting everyone's heard of the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama by now? Hot damn :S

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holy shit, 300 years of middle eastern history?! girl, even i would be crying at that! your teacher is a douche.

poor rihanna! i'm trying not to just take the media's word for it about chris being violent towards her, but idk! they seem to be citing police sources but i just don't wanna believe it. i love chris brown ;__; I LOVE RIHANNA, THE POOR LAMB. i really hope this is a huuuuuge media exaggeration and this is all a misunderstanding. i don't like to think of her hurt or him being violent :'(((

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He is a douche! Everyone in my class was complaining about how ridiculous it was, lol.

Yeah, I'm sure a lot of what is being "reported" at the moment is rumour and conjecture but it does seem like at least some of it must be based in fact. Either way, it's pretty horrifying.

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yay for big bang fic! I'm writing one too, but all on my lonesome.

There aren't even vegetarian restaurants here, let alone vegan. I wish there were.

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Awww. I'm sure you'll do great!

It is nice to have the variety. Come to Toronto!

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I'll be there on tuesday, no lie.

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that would be fantastically rad. I'm supposed to be seeing Flogging Molly on Tuesday and going shopping wednesday but I might stay longer considering I only have like, one shift next week and I can probably switch it for another day. I'll have to look into all that but I got to Toronto fairly often so hang outs are definitely a possibility.

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Sorry about school, bb.
I know how crazy all that shit can get - stay strong!
And oh my soul, BBB.
1. I'm excited to read something new from you
2. I only have like 3000 words done
3. Teaser maybe? Lol. (and it's Ryan/Brendon, right?)

And Chris Brown and Rihanna are ALL over Perez Hilton, which yes I do read even though it's...Perez Hilton. (I'm hoping he'll pick up the CrissAngel/RyanRoss feud because it's hilarious.

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It's sweet that you're excited too! I'm excited about yours! I always love your fics.

Of course it's Ryan/Brendon. It's Jen and I; what else could it be? We're a pair of the most die-hard shippers I know, lol. The fic is an AU that revolves around Pete-fanboy!Ryan Ross interning at Clandestine Magazine, an adult entertainment and scene lifestyles magazines started by media mogul Pete Wentz himself. It's vaguely reminiscent of Playboy meets Suicide Girls meets Alternative Press, lol.

Actually, when you and [ profile] silver_etoile posted your Playboy AU it sent Jen and I into a little tizzy until we'd read it. We were a little bit nervous that you might have pre-empted us. Luckily it's about as far from our idea as you can get :)

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Oh la la. This sounds so amazing.
(Side note, my BBB has magazine working too, but it sounds a lot different than what you're doing)

And I'm glad that [ profile] silver_etoile and I didn't mess up your plans! Plus, there can't be enough Playboy-esque Panic AUs

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i'm glad you liked the band! i was so worried that everyone would be like "THAT WAS SUCH A WASTE OF THREE HOURS AND ELEVEN DOLLARS" lol.


apparently jay-z has said chris brown is a "dead man" or some shit. OMG.

ilrihanna ;__; even though she is kind of insane and allegedly sends spies and shit to watch over chris brown while he's on tour. ????

glad you're finally getting over the death bb D:

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Aww, naw. I'd checked out their MySpace before agreeing so I was pretty sure they'd be alright. And the kazoo is pretty awesome, ngl.

Yeah, there are all sorts of rumours coming out of the woodwork right now and people "close" to them weighing in on the matter. I'm sure half of it is BS, but it doesn't really matter. Unless she'd just murdered his mother or come at him with a meat cleaver, he had no right to beat up on her, lol.

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Your prof sounds like an idiot!

I missed your little twitter things.. I've been wondering what happened to you!

How do vegans live? Being a student vegan must be next to impossible - it's hard enough to get protein in your diet.

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Thank you! The assignment is purely ridiculous.

Aww. They were starting to bug me, cluttering up my pages, so I suspended them. You're totally welcomed to follow me on twitter (, if you'd like though. Or add my RSS feed ( to whatever aggregator you use.

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I've been sick but, wow, not that sick. Catching up with work is the worst D:

As I told Jen, I'm excited to see what you guys come up with.

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It sucked a lot, ngl. Lol.

I'm excited too!

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I tried to be a vegetarian once. It failed. I just like being an omnivore too much. :(

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Yeah. Being vegetarian sounds lovely and all but I love my meats way too much. Heck, I salivate just looking at raw steaks in the butcher's aisle. /o\

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I'm seeing Ludo next week! \o/ So excited.

They give a great fucking show.

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They really do! The venue we saw them at was ritzy and tiny too. Seriously. There were maybe 50 people.